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Property Management

We provide property management and maintenance services for residents abroad who own properties in Portugal or for those who do not want to worry about day-to-day management, we have the following services available:

Mail Management

if you are not at home we will forward your mail.

Repairs and maintenance

all types of maintenance and repairs that your home needs

Home Decor

we decorate your home so that you feel good when you arrive

Cleaning management

everything is always clean and sanitized

Maintenance & cleaning - gardens and/or swimming pool

ready-to-use pool and garden available to your family

Security alarm contact

was the alarm triggered? we take care of everything


For those looking to decorate their new house or simply give a new look and renovate their home.
We also provide services for those who want to refresh their property for sale or rent, to maximize their value.
Décor - House Guide Algarve

Living Room

Décor - House Guide Algarve


Décor - House Guide Algarve


Décor - House Guide Algarve


About us

Our purpose is to help clients manage their properties, namely non-residents who spend half the year in Portugal and half the year in their home country, and need someone to take care of their property and all those who want to have return of their investment in Portugal through local accommodation for tourists.
House Guide Algarve
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